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Sexual Dysfunction and Hypnosis

Sexual Dysfunction and Hypnosis

Sexual Dysfunction of one form or another is surprisingly common, but people resist getting help for it because it is such a very personal subject. Sadly, it can be deeply painful and cause severe distress in a marriage or a relationship. Hypnosis can be one of the quickest and most effective ways of getting to the root cause, because the subconscious mind is not bothered by embarrassment and it will reveal the true issues behind the dysfunction. Often, the client is surprised at what surfaces during a session – things that he or she may have forgotten or repressed.

One common issue for men and women is with sexual arousal. Arousal is a complex interplay between learned responses and instinctual responses mediated by hormones. Imagination plays a big role, and subconscious memories and associations can be the major cause of problems in what should be an easy and natural cascade of emotions and physiological responses. Discovering such issues that may have taken hold of your non-conscious brain is most easily done in hypnosis. We can then reframe the experience or experiences that led to the problem and remove their emotional impact.

But what about problems that are physical? Even here, the vast majority of the cases I have seen – and they don’t come to me until medical issues have been ruled out – have an emotional issue as the root cause. There was some sensitizing event or events that the subconscious can’t let go of, and the result is stress, and a host of other symptoms that the body uses to get your attention.

Some common sexual problems I have been able to help through hypnosis include:

  • Premature ejaculation – This is the most common dysfunction in males, affecting 25 -40 % of the population. Various factors can play a part, such as depression, anxiety, or even just lack of confidence. Once we figure it out, hypnosis can deal with it quite effectively.
  • Erectile dysfunction (also called impotence). There can be many emotional factors which hypnosis can help, such as anxiety, stress, depression. But it can be also be due to physical issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, cardio-vascular disease, so consulting a medical practitioner is important.
  • Anorgasmia, or the inability to have an orgasm. Hypnosis is used to repattern fears or anticipation of failure and re-educate the body to allow for orgasm.
  • Vaginismus, this is a spasm that closes the woman’s vagina and prevents penetration. This can be related to Dyspareunia, or having persistent pain with sexual activity. The cause usually goes back to sexual abuse or fear of pregnancy.
  • Lack of libido or sexual desire, This is more common in women. Again, often physical or emotional causes such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, etc. are involved.

The unique thing about hypnosis is that it allows us to gain access to this remarkable memory base we all possess, and identify the cause of the problem. Often identifying the cause of the problem will provide a big “aha” for the client, as the saying goes: “the truth will set you free.” This makes it much easier to ‘reframe’ the problem, and bring about a significant improvement.

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