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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Regression is a technique commonly used in hypnotherapy to find the underlying cause of some problem that a client wants resolved. Under hypnosis, the client is taken back in his or her present life to a situation or event in the past. Often this is a traumatic event which so affected the client at the time that it has had a debilitating affect on

that person ever since. When this event or situation is found, the therapist and the client work together to change or re-frame the trauma experienced in the past, so that it can no longer detrimentally affect the client when therapy is successfully concluded.

Re-regression therapy is where you are taken back, in hypnosis, to a past life (or sometimes to a future life) for exactly the same reason. This is known as Past Life Regression.

Past Life Regression was first used by Dr. Pierre Janet in Paris in the 1890’s. Dr. Janet collaborated with Sigmund Freud, experimenting with past life regression as a therapeutic tool. For sixty years the subject was taboo, regarded as unbelievable at best and something approaching occult philosophy at worst. Then an American hypnotherapist called Morey Bernstein brought the therapy back to life in the 1960’s when he published “The Search For Bridie Murphy,” an account of one of his clients who went back over 200 hundred years to when she was an Irishwoman called Bridie Murphy. The many details about her life that she recalled could not be corroborated, and no trace of Bridie Murphey could be found in Ireland; but Mrs Tighe as a child had an Irish neighbor across the street called Bridie Murphey Corkell, and she was probably recalling stories she heard from her in childhood.

About the same time Arnall Bloxham, an English hypnotherapist of high repute, collaborated with the BBC in making a Television program of a housewife called Jane Evans. She was regressed, live on screen, back to a life as a twelfth century Jewess called Rachel who lived in York in 1189 in the reign of the bad King John. Live on television, she recalled how she was the wife of a wealthy moneylender called Joseph. In great detail she described how she and her family and other members of the Jewish community were hounded by a mob led by a nobleman called Richard Malebisse to whom her husband had lent money and who had refused to repay. They and their two children tried to take refuge in York Castle but were ejected by the constable of the castle, and eventually found their way to a crypt of a church just outside the gates of York. It was here that the family was put to death by the sword.

An historian called Prof Dobson was intrigued, since Jane Evans was uneducated and had never read a history book about the York Massacre. He decided to check the details of Jane’s story, and was amazed at what he discovered. From Jane’s description of the church in which they took refuge, he concluded it could only be St. Mary’s Castlegate; but, since the church did not have a crypt, he questioned her memory of the events. However, a few months later when the church was being renovated, workmen found under the chancel a crypt with stone arches and vaults dating from the twelfth century. The crypt had been filled in with rubble from the time of the killing. All the other facts given under hypnosis were corroborated by known facts of the massacre of Jews in York in 1180 where the rest of the community had by agreement been slain by Rabbi Yantof who then killed himself. York paid dearly for this crime by being heavily taxed and 100 citizens were imprisoned for life. Richard Malebisse escaped to Scotland.

This is one of many recorded accounts of facts that emerge in past life regression therapy and are found to be inexplicably true. I personally believe that we have all experienced many lives. And these lives have been in many bodies, in many diverse places, under a variety of circumstances and in different sexes. This is all part of the continuity of our soul. I believe without question in the existence of our soul and in reincarnation. I am not alone in this belief, because over half of the world’s population regards reincarnation as a fundamental tenet of their faith.

Regression and Past Life Regression are wonderful therapeutic tools that I have used often in my practice. Recalling and re-experiencing dramas of the past can help us with issues like:
Insecurity and fear of abandonment – often relates to past life memories as a child, separation during war, being orphaned, left to die in times of famine.
Depression and low energy – past life memories of loss of parent, unfinished grieving, suicide, deportation, massacre etc.
Phobias – every kind of trauma in a past life e.g. death by fire, water, suffocation, natural disasters etc.
Guilt – past life memories from feeling responsible for the death of others. “It’s my fault. I deserve this”, etc.

By discovering that a problem in this life is the same or a similar to one that occurred in a past life, you can use a technique to recall the past life and take the subject through it to the death scene when you pass through to the other side. Here I get the subject to stop and make a choice. You can either pass on the spirit world by moving up a shaft of bright light, or you can go back into that past life and change it. The change you make at that time often resolves the issue in the subject’s present life.

For example, a mother brought her daughter of fifteen to see me. The girl had recently suffered bouts of severe depression and on two occasions had tried to commit suicide. In deep hypnosis she recalled a life in Germany at the beginning of the 1800’s. At the age of eighteen she was to be married to a young man with whom she was deeply in love. Her fiancé was challenged to a duel by a friend over a dispute about a debt, and he was killed in the duel. In that life she committed suicide two years after her fiancé’s death.

Still in hypnosis, she was given the choice immediately after her death in that life to go back into that life and change it. She chose to do so, and when the duel occurred again, the blade of her fiancés opponent passed through his left shoulder blade and he lived. When he recovered his health, they married, had a happy life with two children, and died naturally at the age of 46, which was about the normal life span in those times.

Her mother wrote to me on more than one occasion to let me know that the girl has had no further bouts of depression or feelings of suicide, has done well at her schooling and is leading a perfectly normal life.

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