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Quitting Smoking

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High Success Rate

Over 80% of people can quit smoking with Hypnosis in a single session. It has one of the highest success rates for smoking cessation because it gets right to the source of your habit. Hypnosis is all about helping you make the changes you want in your life, but it doesn’t “brainwash” you to do something you really don’t

want or aren’t ready to do.

If you want to give up smoking but need help in getting through the chemical and emotional withdrawal stage quickly and easily, hypnosis will be a powerful ally. If you don’t really want to quit, but are hoping that hypnosis will change your mind for you, it is a waste of your time and money.

Counseling, acupuncture, nicotine patches or gum may all be effective in their own way, but in my experience, no intervention is as fast or effective as hypnosis.

The Cost of Smoking

You know all the damage smoking can do to your lungs, heart, circulation and other systems, even if you’ve been in denial. I know because I was a smoker for thirty years. I stopped seventeen years ago when I asked a fellow hypnotherapist in England to do me a favor and hypnotize me. My clever colleague imposed an aversion to cigarette smoke on me – I still can’t stand the smell of tobacco smoke. No other therapy, to my knowledge, can do this.

The other cost is financial. If you smoke a pack a day, you will spend almost $2,500 a year that you could be using for something a lot more fun. The good news is that your body and your wallet start to recover as soon as you quit.

Improved Health

Within a few months of quitting smoking, your risk factors improve dramatically. My body has completely recovered; I don’t cough up lumps of phlegm when I wake up in the morning, and I’m no longer short of breath. In fact, I didn’t know how toxic cigarette smoke is until I started to help people quit smoking. The tobacco releases acetone, DDT, hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide – together with a whole host of other nasty chemicals.

If you ever meet someone with emphysema, you’ll really appreciate how not being able to take a deep breath can ruin your life. I have a particular horror of cancer of the throat and mouth, having seen clients with those conditions who wouldn’t quit until they were forced to and came to me for help.

One Session

In most cases it only takes one session of hypnotherapy lasting about two and a half hours to quit smoking. My success rate is about 80 to 85 percent in one session. But hey, life happens, and I so want you to quit that I give you my ‘guarantee’ for one year that you can return free of charge, as many times as necessary, if you go back on the habit. The vast majority of those who return only need one more session.

I often treat a husband and wife together, or two partners, and I charge two thirds of the normal fee, including the ‘guarantee’. I have found that group sessions are far less effective. I have had many clients who have tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking through a group session. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair in a crowded room is not conducive to the deep relaxation and personalization needed for success.


I start off a “quit smoking” session with your history and an in-depth talk about how you use smoking in your life. We then review all the health, social and financial benefits you can expect from quitting. Few people realize that the death rate from cancer caused by smoking is one person every five minutes; this is more than road accidents, AIDS, drug abuse, suicides and alcohol abuse put together. When people become aware of the statistics, and see what the habit is really doing to their bodies, they really start to change their mindset.

In order to achieve lasting effect, I need to put the client into deep hypnosis. This takes time – especially if you have not been hypnotized before. I need to bring you in and out of hypnosis several times to get the depth we need, so that is why the session takes about two and a half hours. After about an hour in hypnosis, most clients emerge never wanting to touch a cigarette again. Many tell me the experience for them appeared to take about ten minutes. As they leave the room I have to remind them to throw away their lighter and half empty packs still lingering in their pockets. They leave as non-smokers!


BONUS: Your hypnotherapy cost for stopping smoking is now a tax write off! So it costs you nothing.

Learn more about the IRS Tax Credit for smoking cessation.

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You may wish to read an article in the Portland Mercury that features me hypnotizing their reporter, John Dooley, to quit smoking. John Dooley smoked 60 cigarettes a day and quit after one session. He was so pleased, he wrote an article on his experience

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